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  • Join the Adventures In The Psalms This Fall

    Now that Exposing the Psalms is available for the world to hear (keep reading for an update and pictures from the CD Release Party), it's time for the USA to experience its sound and creative wonder. I'll be touring all over the USA from the beginning of September until the end of October. It'll be...
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  • Today's the Day...

    Exposing the Psalms albums waiting for a home

    The day they've all been waiting for has finally come. Boxes of albums are waiting to hear their name called. "Where will I find a home?" they ask me.

    "Am I going to England?"

    "Will I get to travel to Thailand?"

    "Will I get to snuggle a little girl to sleep with Philippa Hanna singing 'Coming Home'?"
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  • Releasing A New Baby to the World

    Well, it's really 2 babies...

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  • Are You One of the 3%?

  • Crowdfunding Our Brand New Album + April's UK Tour

    Exposing the Psalms album coverWe've just finished recording, mixing and mastering Exposing the Psalms, a music & spoken word album of more than 20 artists from 3 countries (including Paul Finley, Graham Kendrick, Philippa Hanna…) to accompany Exposing the Psalms, the first book. read more

  • UK Rockets & American Psalm Explosions

    Ambridge Pennsylvania doesn't sound like the nexus of the arts world, but something magical happened a few weeks ago…

    I was invited to join legendary producer, performer and songwriter, Andy Piercy, teaching a 2-day songwriting workshop. We called it Unmasking the Psalms for a New Generation. Twelve songwriters, musicians & pastors gathered, ready to learn how to compose songs and poetry to the ancient Psalms.
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  • On Tour This Fall Through the USA

    We can't stand it anymore. Don't get me wrong, Vicki and I love Austin. But when you've seen young eyes sparkle with newfound writing power; when the sun throws magic on a technicolor landscape; when smiles and hugs embrace your performances night after night, you can't stay in one place. U.S.A., here we come...

    the Powerful Writing for a New Generation U.S. Tour - Oct/Nov, 2014
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  • Now Online: How to Write Awesomeness

  • Lurking with Unexpected Goodness

    Vicki looking into the woodsVicki and I have returned from England to Austin. We've already been here a little while recovering from 3 months of incessant traveling. We visited friends, taught writing workshops, worked on a new album and unleashed the power of the Psalms on wide-eyed audiences. Now we're working on more awesomeness...
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  • Becoming Impossible to Refuse

    Peter Nevland helping students in a writing workshop

    “We are looking for a motivational speaker that could come in and really get the kids excited and our English teacher brought up your name. We would absolutely love to have you speak. We are looking at early March 2014. Is this even possible? If so, how much would you charge? (Keep in mind we are poor high school students!)”
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